Poetry Pebbles

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Students will use small rocks, stones and pebbles to create words with which to write poetry.

By Andrea Mulder-Slater

What You Need:

  • Small rocks or pebbles.
  • Small paint bushes.
  • Water and water containers.
  • Magic markers.
  • Paint (acrylic is best — tempera is okay).
  • A covered work area.
  • A shoebox, yogurt or empty “Jiffy Pop” popcorn container.
  • Hairspray or a spray varnish (optional).

What You Do:

  • Make sure your pebbles are clean.
  • Paint words onto your pebbles. You could also use markers instead of paint.
  • Choose a number of words — people, places, things, action words etc. Some good ones are:
  1. he
  2. she
  3. to
  4. love
  5. dog
  6. went
  7. walk
  8. you
  9. happy
  10. in
  11. to
  12. a
  13. my
  14. your
  15. orange
  16. red
  17. blue
  18. purple
  19. green
  20. swim
  21. bike
  • Use your imagination and make sure you draw some punctuation marks on some pebbles as well (comma, exclamation point, period, question mark etc.)
  • Once the pebbles are painted, let them dry and seal them with hairspray or spray varnish (optional).
  • Put all the pebbles into a show box or Jiffy Pop container. You can decorate your container with paint or markers as well.
  • Play a game of poetry pebbles. Each player chooses a number of pebbles from the box and tries to come up with a poem or story.
  • Makes for a great way to begin a short story for those times when you have writers block!