Puzzle Piece Picture Frame

Puzzle piece picture frame.


Students can create picture frames using old mismatched puzzle pieces.

What You Need:

  • picture to frame
  • poster paper
  • puzzle pieces
  • glue
  • magnetic strips (optional)

What You Do:

  1. Gather pictures of each student (school pictures are a perfect size), or pictures of pets or drawings, etc.
  2. Cut pieces of poster paper about an inch bigger (on all four sides) than the picture.
  3. Have students glue their picture in the center of the poster paper.
  4. Give each student a handful of puzzle pieces (One 500 -1000 piece puzzle is plenty).
  5. Have them glue their puzzle pieces around their pictures, overlapping as they go until the poster paper is covered.
  6. Optional: glue a magnetic strip on back so the pictures can hang on the fridge.

Another Idea

A great addition to the frame is to have a tag that says: “I love you to pieces” Or, use buttons instead of puzzle pieces and write, “Cute as a button”

Puzzle piece picture frame.

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