Tin Punching

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Students will create tiny works of art by punching designs into tin. Punched tin, also called pierced tin, is an artisan technique originating in central Europe for creating housewares that are both functional and decorative.

By Patti Beckman [Patti is an art educator from Seven Oaks Elementary in Eagle, ID]

What You Need:

  • Small tin tart pans (kits available at S&S worldwide)
  • Push pins
  • Indelible markers (optional)
  • Simple, small pictures

What You Do:

  1. Place the picture you’ve chosen on top of the tin tart pan.
  2. Punch with push pin around the lines of the picture.
  3. Remove the paper and you have a tin punch ornament or suncatcher.
  4. To add a little color, use indelible markers.
  5. Older children may enjoy trying designs freehand.

Notes: You can make this project more complex by using metal flashing instead of old tin tart pans and by punching holes with hammer and nails. Just be sure you tape the edges so they aren’t sharp!

You can make a wonderful candle holder by filling an empty aluminum can with water and freezing it (this makes it easier to punch.) Then, can use a nail and hammer and punch holes into the can. When it’s finished, remove the water and set a candle inside.

For more detailed information on punched tin, visit: http://www.piercedtin.com/