Tissue Paper Carnations

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Complete directions on how to make carnation flowers out of tissue paper.

By Andrea Martin & Andrea Mulder-Slater

What You Need:

  • 8 or so sheets of tissue paper (cut into squares or rectangles)
  • twist ties, ribbon or rope (we used jute rope)
  • scissors (optional)

What You Do:

First you take about 6 to 8 pieces of tissue paper squares (or rectangles).

Stack all sheets together, one on top of the other.

Begin folding your paper back and forth like an accordion or a fan.

When complete, secure in the middle with a twist tie, ribbon or rope.

Make carnations out of tissue paper. KinderArt.com

Now it’s time to peel up each sheet one at a time. Work from side to side, left to right.

Make carnations out of tissue paper. KinderArt.com

Bring all sheets to the middle until you are finished.


If you want the flowers smaller, cut the sheets down by length.
To make different shapes, clip the tips before unfolding — only a trim. (triangle, points, wavy, square, etc.)