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Woven Heart Baskets

Woven Heart Baskets
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Students can create a Valentine’s Day themed weaving project. These little baskets are so sweet.

By Janet Jackson [Janet is from Hermiston, OR]

What You Need:

  • Construction paper &/or gift wrap
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Glue &/or stapler (to attach handles)

What you Do:

Cut one strip about 1 inch by 7 inches (to be used as basket handle).

Cut two (from contrasting papers) 3″ x 7 or 8″ rectangles.

Fold in half and round the cut ends.

Mark and cut in 3 inches from fold, 4 three-quarter inch wide strips, as for a Japanese lantern, leaving the rounded ends in tact.

Weave the folded strips through each other [the first folded “strip” of #1 goes around first folded strip of #2, then through #2’s second strip, around #2’s third strip, and through #2’s fourth strip.

Repeat with #1’s second strip -except in reverse order [ie., through #2’s first strip, around #2’s second strip, through the third strip and around the fourth strip.

Weave #1’s third strip with directions for #1’s first strip.

Weave the fourth strip as was done with the second strip.

Attach the handle with either glue or with a stapler.

You can decorate the individual squares formed by the weave [as some of our students have done, or leave “plain”.

The basket size can vary.


Step by Step Video:

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