Mirror Mirror – Drama Exercise

Drama exercises for kids


This drama exercise promotes inventiveness, clowning, and timing.

What You Need:

  • just your actors

What You Do:

Everyone should remember the old “I Love Lucy” series; a favorite of most folks is the episode when Lucy meets Harpo Marx.

In one scene, Lucy has dressed exactly like Harpo; as the latter crosses a room, Lucy crosses it the same way. Harpo looks at his “reflection” and proceeds to physicalize these crazy movements with arms, hands, legs, etc. Lucy matches him, move for move. A very funny scene – and exceptionally well done. This is exactly the same premise for “The Mirror Exercise”.

There are two players. “A” is the follower (mirror) and “B” starts all the action. “A” reflects all B’s movements and facial expressions.

Simple activities for B to initiate are washing her face, getting dressed, brushing teeth – etc.

This exercise promotes inventiveness, clowning, and timing – the children should be encouraged to be as specific as they can with each movement.

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