Pantomime – Acting Without Words Drama Exercise

Pantomime acting exercise for kids


This drama exercise helps children learn to communicate without words.

What You Need:

  • just your actors

What You Do:

The actors will work in groups of 4 – 6 and are instructed to pantomime a single general activity (examples: Playing different sports at school, performing with an orchestra, circus acts, hospital work, etc.)

To communicate the idea of a GENERAL activity, each actor must pantomime a SPECIFIC one.

For example: “Office work”.

One actor mimes being a typist, another delivers the mail, another is a “boss” at a desk (perhaps on the phone), a client visits the office to see the boss, etc.

The audience then guesses the general activity and then talks about the specific ones.

Make sure the actors understand they cannot SPEAK – only work with their bodies, facial expressions, etc.

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