A Drawing Adventure

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Students will create drawings based on an imaginary journey. This is a great warm up activity or 15 minute end of class filler. It will get your students’ creative juices flowing!

By Andrea Mulder-Slater

What You Need:

  • pencils
  • paper
  • pencil crayons or crayons or pastels or markers

What You Do:

  1. Ask your students to imagine that they are going on an adventure.
  2. Ask your students the following questions:
    • “Where are you going on your adventure?” (a distant land, somewhere you’ve been before? a new place?)
    • “How will you get there?” (by car, plane, train, on foot, via a new mode of transportation?)
    • “Who will you see when you arrive?” (a friend? a family member? a creature? an alien?)
    • “What will you on your adventure?”
  3. Then, allow your students to draw their adventures!