Bird’s Eye View Dandelions

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Students will create a bird’s eye view drawing of dandelions using paper and oil pastels.

What You Need:

  • 9 X 9 piece of green construction paper
  • oil pastels (or, construction paper crayons)

What You Do:

Follow the photo instructions to see how to “build” the image.

Start by drawing a series of lines which all meet in the middle of the paper.

Next, add dandelion heads. Start with light yellow or white criss-cross lines. Then, add darker yellow and ochre lines on top.

To make the “puff balls”, draw bunches of small stars with white pastels. You can lightly trace out a circle shape as a guide.

Use the original lines you drew as the leaf stems. Then, using light green, add the leaf shapes coming off of the stems.

Fill in the centres of the leaves with a darker green. Go over the stems once again with light green. Meanwhile, you can add any final details to the flower heads and puff balls.

This lesson was reprinted with permission of ARTventurous.

ARTventurous is a First Grade teacher from Vancouver, Canada who loves teaching art to her young students. She started her blog as a way to save and share her students’ work and to inspire other teachers to be creative in their own classrooms. Find her at and on Instagram at: @artventurousblog