Chalk and String Designs

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You can create wonderful works of art using string and chalk.

By Andrea Mulder-Slater

Construction workers use what is referred to as a “chalk line” to create lines on drywall and plywood to help them make straight cuts. A chalk line is really just a piece of string with blue chalk on it that is stretched tightly across a piece of wood or drywall, pulled up and then snapped down. This creates a straight line. Using the same idea, you can create wonderful works of art using string and, well chalk of course.

What You Need:

  • String
  • Soft wood board (pine is good)
  • Chalk
  • Thumbtacks (and adult supervision for the little ones)
  • Paper (just plain white paper is fine)
  • Fixative (this could be the kind you buy at the store or you can also use hairspray)

What You Do:

  1. Press a thumb tack into the wood board.
  2. Tie a string to the thumb tack. You could also just make a loop in the string and hook it around the thumbtack.
  3. Rub chalk all over your string. (This gets a bit messy).
  4. Place a sheet of paper on the board … beneath the string.
  5. Pull the string tight with one hand and snap it onto the paper with the other hand.
  6. Move the paper in all different directions and repeat the process using either the same color of chalk or add different colors. You could also add more strings if you wish.
  7. Shapes created by the lines can later be colored in with marker or crayon or oil pastel.
  8. Spray fixative (or hairspray) onto the completed work to prevent smudging.

Rub chalk on the string.