Clowning Around Drawing and Painting Lesson

Clowning Around lesson plan for kids


Students will learn how to make a clown drawing with pastel, paint or markers.

Students will gain experience in handling a brush and paint.
By repeating simple shapes, students will create pattern.
Students will demonstrate awareness of emotion by creating “sad” and “happy” faces.

What You Need:

  • Black construction paper
  • White crayon
  • Easel brushes
  • White tempera paint
  • Oil pastels
  • Colored glitter

What You Do:

Day One

  1. Each student receives a 12×15 sheet of black construction paper, and a white crayon.
  2. On your paper (taped to the black board) show students how to draw a large circle in the middle of the paper using a white crayon.
  3. Next, show them how to draw the shoulders from the bottom of the face, to the bottom corners of their paper.
  4. Collect all the white crayons.
  5. Give each student a brush and white tempera paint. Have them paint the entire face and shoulders white.

Day Two

  1. Give each group of students a book of oil pastels. If you don’t have oil pastel, color crayons will work.
  2. On the board, discuss and draw different shapes for the class, such as circles, triangles, ovals. squares, etc.
  3. With your clown picture taped to the board, demonstrate with a black oil pastel how to use shapes to create the features and clothing details.
  4. Some things to discuss and demonstrate are emotions, what does a happy face or sad face look like, and repeating shapes to create pattern.
  5. Emphasis should be put on drawing nice sized shapes that will be simple to color in. No tiny details!
  6. After the faces and patterns have been outlined, let students color them in. Limit the students to three colors on the clowns clothing.

As each student completed coloring their clown, they brought the picture up to my desk to apply glue lines. I then sprinkled colored glitter on the glue. Make sure that the students sign their name with a black marker on the white areas of the clown.

Clowning Around

Main Image: Kids Artists

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