Drawing on Wet Glue with Chalk Pastels

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By drawing into wet paste with chalk pastels, students can create unique works of art.

By Leon Ruder [Leon is an artist and teacher at St. Ignace Area Schools, St. Ignace, MI]

What You Need:

  • Paper 12″ x 18″
  • Pastels
  • Water, glue and corn starch

What You Do:

  1. Take a little bit of water, glue and corn starch. Mix them all together and you’ve got paste.
  2. With a large (6″) brush, wipe mixed paste on the paper in front of each student.
  3. Cover the whole sheet.
  4. While the paper is wet, (working time of about 20 min.) have children draw into the wet paste with the pastels.
  5. Put aside to dry for 2hrs.

But Wait, There’s More

Elizabeth McDonald of CatChick6 Creations, tried this lesson plan with her kids – and posted the results (and steps) on her blog. Have a peek: http://www.catchick6creations.com/?p=1656

Image: CatChick6 Creations