Face Study (Draw the Other Half)

Draw the other half lesson plan for kids.


Students will use a magazine photo of a person, cut in half, as the beginning of a drawing. Half magazine picture, half drawing.


Helping the student to see and understand correct facial placement.

What You Need:

  • plain paper
  • pencil (color pencils if you choose)
  • photographic image of face
  • tape
  • desk or drawing board

What You Do:

  1. Find a photograph of a person’s face/head.
  2. Student cuts the face in half the long way. (one eye, half nose and half mouth)
  3. Student tapes photo onto a sheet of paper, leaving room beside it.
  4. Student finishes the drawing of the face (they can keep the cut off portion for reference, as needed).
  5. Student signs their work.

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