Pre-Drawing Exercises

Pre-Drawing Exercise


In order to evaluate progress, there must be an established reference point for comparison. Have students produce untutored drawings before they receive instruction.

Humans develop stereotypes early in the game. Children begin drawing at a very early age. They begin by scribbling without objectivity and then when introduced to “stick” and “bubble” figures, it’s difficult to wean them away from them.


This exercise is an excellent way to show that most people draw the symbols they have carried with them since kindergarten. Especially if no one has taught them differently.

What You Need:

  • Paper
  • Pencils


What You Do:

Have students fold a piece of copy paper into a “french fold” – greeting card like.

From memory, on each section draw:

  • A human
  • A tree
  • A building
  • A vehicle

Note: with no directions or copying, have the students id the responses and file them away for future comparisons.

Pre-Drawing exercise

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