*Swirly Bird Nests


Children can make a textural drawing of a bird nest with eggs using a few simple supplies.

What You Need:

  • construction paper (dark blue/light blue)
  • oil pastels (or crayons)
  • scissors
  • glue

What You Do:

  1. Draw messy circles on the blue construction paper. (Use a variety of browns from light to dark).
  2. Then, add some black circles and swirly lines.
  3. Layer some white over the brown and black to blend the colors.
  4. Add some branches.
  5. Draw some leaves on the branches using light and dark green.
  6. Fold a strip of construction paper into 4 sections.
  7. Cut out oval shaped eggs.
  8. Decorate the eggs with spots/dashes.
  9. Glue the eggs to the nest.

Start with construction paper.
Draw swirly lines.
Add leaves.
The finished nest!

A complete 10 page lesson plan is available to members of The KinderArt Club.

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