Wandering Ink Drawing Exercise

Wandering Ink Drawing Exercise


Students will learn to go with the flow as they allow their materials to take on a life of their own.


  • Students will work with ink and watercolor as they discover the idea of making “happy accidents”.
  • Students will experiment with various art materials.
  • Students will learn to “go with the flow” as they allow their materials to take on a life of their own.

What You Need:

  • Heavy paper (watercolor paper is the best but poster paper will work)
  • Ink (waterproof ink will work the best but you can use a washable ink if you are concerned with spills)
  • Skewer sticks or long pickle sticks
  • Watercolor paint, brushes and water

What You Do:


  • Have your ink ready to go before you begin painting …
  • Choose two colors of paint that “go” together. Find something that unifies the colors. Use complementary colors or various shades of one color. Play with this idea for a while until you have colors you like.
  • Paint the colors onto your paper as a wash. Use a lot of water and just a little paint. Your colors should be very transparent (see-through). The paint should flow easily onto your paper.
  • While the paint is still wet, take a skewer stick, dip it into the ink bottle and place it on the wet paper you have just painted. Do this in several areas of the paper.
  • The ink will run and roll all across the paper forming interesting shapes and lines.
  • Allow the ink to go where it pleases.
  • When you feel that there is enough ink on the paper, let everything dry.
  • You may wish to add some details with the ink once the paper has dried thoroughly.


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