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Khamsa Hand Prints

Khamsa Hand Prints
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Students will learn about the use of symbolism in cultural art as they learn and use design elements in creating Khamsa hand prints.

By Susan Kimes-Demboski [Susan is an artist teaching art at Mt Baldy Elementary School in Mt Baldy, CA] This lesson was adapted from a project first seen at

This project was done with a K-1 class and was part of an art exhibit were the “artwork” was anything that could be mailed to the gallery. The Children’s hands were decoupaged to the box, and the box was also embellished with Moroccan inspired drawing.


  • Students will learn about the use of symbolism in cultural art.

Khamsa – or Moroccan Good Luck Hand – means ‘five’ in arabic. The traditional Khamsas are often made out of precious metals.

  • Students will learn the collage/decoupage technique.
  • Students will learn and use design elements in creating their hand print.

What You Need:

  • black construction paper
  • white pencils for tracing hand print on paper
  • pre-cut (kids can cut their own if time permits) magazine shapes. Fashion, textile and decorating magazines work best for this project. large circles, or squares – for palm of hand long ‘wedge’ shapes – for fingers various small shapes for added interest
  • glitter/glitter glue, sequins, foil star stickers, colored paper reinforcements ( “O” shaped sticker-backed item found at office stores etc) leave some “O’s” whole and cut some in half for variety.
  • scissors
  • glue sticks
  • matte medium – if you choose to apply hands to another surface

What You Do:

Present Lesson:

Talk about other Moroccan designs, show examples. Older children could research/report.

Trace hand on black paper using white pencil

Have children choose at large shape for palm, five ‘finger’ shaped and various small shapes.

Glue the five fingers first, then palm, and ‘fill in’ with small shapes

NOTE: It’s o.k. – in fact better – if the collage extends a little beyond the traced hand. The excess will be trimmed off.

  1. Embellish the hand design with stars, glitter, sequins etc.
  2. Cut out hand print along the WHITE line

These Khamsa Good Luck Hands really turn out beautifully! And would look great:

* strung together
* used on the front of a note card or hand made book
* decoupaged to heavy paper box (I’ve seen these at Michael’s Craft store)
* hung on a tree


Khamsa good luck hand prints

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