Water Dragon Watercolor Painting

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What You Need:

  • white drawing paper 12×18
  • black permanent marker
  • pencils
  • watercolors
  • books containing dragons

Students will create a festive water dragon watercolor painting.

By Ilona Lelli [Ilona is a teacher at Salt Book/ Allen W. Roberts in New Providence.]

What You Do:

DAY ONE (40 mins)

  1. Briefly discuss the characteristics of a dragon and list ideas on board.
  2. Then have students look through books containing pictures of dragons and ask them to find as many characteristics as listed on the board.
  3. Next give the students a piece of white drawing paper and a pencil and have them create an original dragon. (This may be difficult for some, so I suggest they start by copying a dragon from a picture in a book. This will spark imagination and then, the idea will take off from there and morph into a dragon of their own.)
  4. TIP: Start with an “S” shape on the paper
  5. When their dragon is complete, they trace over the pencil lines with a black permanent marker.

DAY TWO (40min)

  1. Students use watercolors to paint their dragons being careful not to use too much paint as it will flow into unwanted areas. Paint entire paper and lay to dry.
  2. Mount on black paper and display.

Note: Students may practice writing Chinese characters if available. Here is a link for Chinese character cards: http://www.activityvillage.co.uk/chinese_character_cards.htm