Handprint Crab Painting

Florida Blue Crab Handprint Art


Students will make pictures of Florida blue crabs using their handprints.

What You Need:

  • blue and orange tempera paint
  • construction paper (8 1/2 x 11″)
  • Black felt-tip marker
  • newspaper

What You Do:

Spread newspaper over the work area.

Paint inside of both hands, including thumbs and fingers, with blue paint.

Make two prints with hands pointing in opposite directions and heels of palms slightly overlapping (thumbs pointing down).

How to make a handprint crab.

Dip tip of finger in orange paint and draw two “stalks” (for eyes) extending from the palm area. Print a dot at the end of each stalk and add an eye inside each dot with black marker.

Dip pad of thumb in orange paint and make a print at the end of each thumb print for claws. Draw a smile with a black marker.

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