Drawing and Painting Numbers

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This art activity focuses on the shape of numbers. A good tie-in to math for younger students.

By Andrea Mulder-Slater

What You Need:

  • Cardboard or poster board
  • Pencils
  • Safety Scissors or an X-Acto knife (and adult assistance for the little ones)
  • Tempera paint or markers
  • Paint brushes (if you are using paint)

What You Do:

  1. Choose a number (if working in a classroom situation, you might want to have children draw numbers out of a hat to avoid a class full of the same numbers).
  2. Draw the number on cardboard or poster board.
  3. The number should be large and bulky (not small and skimpy). Concentrate on the shape of the number.
  4. Cut the number out.
  5. Outline some fun designs on the number shape.
  6. Using markers or paint, fill in the designs.

Further Review:

Study artist Jasper Johns and his paintings of numbers.

Recommended Books:

by MaryAnn F. Kohl, Cindy Gainer

Math Art: Projects and Activities
by Carolyn Ford Brunetto

Cartooning With Math
by Bill Costello