Little Green

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Students will read the Leo Lionni book, Little Blue and Little Yellow. They will then follow up on the story of friendship and differences as they review color mixing.

By Shelly [Shelly is a teacher at Cool Spring Elementary in Maryland.]


  • To follow up on a wonderful story of friendship and differences.
  • To teach children how to make the color green by mixing the two primary colors, blue and yellow.

What You Need:

  • Story: “Little Blue and Little Yellow“, by Leo Lionni
  • Blue tempera paint or finger paint
  • Yellow tempera or finger paint
  • 1 piece of white construction or finger paint paper

Little Green by Leo Leonni








What You Do:

  1. Read the story.
  2. Discuss the story with the children.
  3. Ask them how they felt when little blue and yellow’s parents didn’t accept them.
  4. Tell the children that they are going to retell the story with paint.
  5. Give each group of children some blue paint and some yellow paint.
  6. Tell them to use both hands to put one spot of blue on their paper and beside it a spot of yellow.
  7. Then tell them to make another spot below these two spots by using both fingers together.
  8. This will represent blue and yellow hugging.

From Scholastic:

Little Blue,  lives with his blue parents, and Little Yellow,  lives with his yellow parents. The two children have friends of many colors, and together they play and go to school on backgrounds of different shades. Then one day, Little Blue can’t find Little Yellow. He looks everywhere, and when the two finally meet, they are so happy to see each other that they hug and hug — until they become green! They return home to find that their parents don’t recognize them. The distressed little scraps begin to cry, and separate into piles of blue and yellow tears. The relieved parents soon understand what happened, and everything ends happily.