Mondrian Hearts

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It’s Piet Mondrian… with a Valentine’s Day twist.

What We Used:

  • Paint
  • White paper
  • Black paper
  • Scissor
  • Glue

What We Did:

Click here for a Piet Mondrian bio.
  1. First, we drew lines on heart templates with pencils and rulers.
  2. Then, we painted in our shapes.
  3. When the paint was dry we cut out our hearts and glued them onto black construction paper.
  4. We then glued down black strips of paper to cover our pencil lines.
  5. Finally, we cut our hearts again, leaving a black border.
This bulletin board display might be my favorite of all time. Here is what my board looked like before the art work was put up:


This lesson was reprinted with permission of ARTventurous.

ARTventurous is a First Grade teacher from Vancouver, Canada who loves teaching art to her young students. She started her blog as a way to save and share her students’ work and to inspire other teachers to be creative in their own classrooms. Find her at and on Instagram at: @artventurousblog