Name Color Wheels

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Art teacher Dan shares a unique way for children to create a color wheel, using their own names.

Written by: Dan Triplett

What You Need:

  • Paper
  • Rules
  • Pencils
  • Marker (black)
  • Paint or markers

What You Do:

1.  Using a ruler and a pencil (drawing lightly), divide the paper into 6 parts (as per examples)
2.  Students center their names (using pencil) in block lettering.
3.  Students then outline their names in black marker.
4.  Color each each section as a color wheel.
5.  Color those parts of the letters that fall within the boundaries of a color wheel section the appropriate complementary color.
6.  Re-outline using black marker if necessary.
7.  Mount on construction paper.

Notes from Dan:

Most kids really enjoyed this project but it did take far too long for some to finish.  I’m not sure I’d do it again as a whole group project but I would make it available as a center idea.  The reason I wouldn’t repeat this whole group is due to the time it takes to complete the entire project.  It took several days from start to finish and in some cases, it took four class periods.

I think maybe if I let the kids use markers instead of paint the process would speed up.

Also, it may look nicer created on square paper.