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Portrait Painting in the style of Georges Rouault

Portrait Painting in the style of Georges Rouault
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Students will learn about artist Georges Rouault as they create a picture in the style of this important artist.

By Kim Hoskins-Ward


  • Students will learn to paint in the style of Rouault.


Georges Rouault, complementary colors, stained glass, portrait, facial proportions

What You Need:

  • paper
  • paint
  • paint brushes

What You Do:

Discuss Rouault. He was a Fauve painter who used complementary colors to create dark and muted colors in his paintings. He also used black outlines to give a stained glass appearance to his work. He had a friend who designed stained glass windows and Rouault wanted to include this style in his own work.

Students begin with pencils and draw a portrait, starting with the eyebrows and nose shape seen in the example below. The rest of the features can be added from there.

Georges Rouault Portraits

If students have not already learned techniques for proper facial placements and proportions this could be done at this time.

Next, students will paint the faces.

The background can be painted next using a variety of colors. Some students might wish to break the background up into separate color areas.

Once dry, students might choose to outline areas with black to create a stained glass effect, but this is not necessary.

When paintings are complete, hang them up and have a discussion/critique of the work.

About Georges Rouault:

Type of Work: Painting
Born: 1871
Died: 1958
Nationality: French
Style/Movement: Fauvism; Expressionism
Best Known For: Painting corrupt figures.
Important Works: Three Judges, 1913, Little Olympia, 1906, Christ Mocked, 1932


About Georges Rouault

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