Primary Colors Snails

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Children will learn about primary colors and color mixing as they create paintings with snails as the theme.

By Alexa [Alexa is a teacher and artist from Bucharest, Romania.]

What You Need:

  • white paper
  • paint (primary colors)
  • paint brushes
  • Color Wheel (optional)

What You Do:

  1. Talk about primary colors.
  2. Give each child a piece of paper.
  3. Ask them to trace 3 concentric circles using blue, red and yellow (explain to them that they should use pure colors and try not to mix them at this point). This is the snail’s shell.
  4. Then, let the children draw the snail’s head and eyes. These can be painted also using primary colors or secondary colors that have been mixed by the children.


Primay color snails Primary color snails Primary color snails