Pulled String Paintings

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Kids can make unique works of art by dipping string into paint and making pulled string art.

Kristen Peery [Kristen is a student at the University of Utah. ]

What You Need:

  • aprons or smocks, white or colored construction paper
  • string cut in 2 feet pieces
  • tempera paint in different colors
  • paper plates for paint
  • a covered surface

What You Do:

  1. Lay out a piece of paper and have the child fold it in half, then open it back up laying it flat on a covered surface.
  2. Next have the child take a piece of string and submerge 3/4 of it in the paint leaving an end free of paint to hold on to.
  3. Next lay the paint covered string on one side of the folded paper in any pattern, leaving the clean end of the string out so you can hold on to it.
  4. Then fold the paper back together and put your hand on the paper so you can feel the string through the paper.
  5. Begin pulling the string out moving it around the edges of the paper.

It’s really fun to have more than one string with different colors pull the strings out and open up the paper and waaaa laaaa a beautiful creation!


Main image: Offerton Hall Nursery School

Illustration: Geoff Slater