Spin Art

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Students will create wild works of spin art using paint, paper and a salad spinner.

By Judith Walsh [Judith is a teacher at Mt. Zion and Robertson Elementary Schools Suffolk, VA]

What You Need:

  • salad spinner (or a spin art machine)
  • bottles of paint (washable tempera)
  • small paper plates 6″

What You Do:

I set my salad spinner on a table in front of the class and then I call students, one at a time, to come to the spinner.

The other students draw whatever they like on a piece of paper while they are waiting their turn.

Students pick 3 colors and I pour them onto the paper plate that they have placed into the spinner.

Then they get to spin! They have such fun!

No one knows what the outcome will be until I lift the top off of the spinner and then the ooohs and ahhhs begin!

These turn out beautifully.

It is so much fun listening to the students talking about what they see in their pictures. I have never seen a bad one.

Try this and your students will love it.