Water Mist Globes

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Students will use water based markers, coffee filters and water to create a “misty” globe.

By Gloria Dreyer [Gloria is a kindergarten teacher Blacklock Fine Arts Elementary Langley BC Canada]


Visual Art – use various materials and techniques to create images.
Science – Earth and Space study

What You Need:

  • circular coffee filter
  • water based (washable) felt pens/markers
  • water bottle with mist spray top
  • black construction paper
  • Optional – clothes iron
  • Optional – floral glitter spray or glitter glue

What You Do:

Discuss the geographic layout of the world using the terms continents and oceans. Show sample photo of Earth from space.

Provide each child with circular coffee filter which has been ironed flat (for ease of colouring).

Using water based felts ie: Crayola, draw big blobs of green to represent continents. Scribble liberally inside these blobs. Then scribble blue on remaining white areas to represent ocean.

Making water mist globes

When full of colour, mist the filter with water, allowing colours to bleed together and lay on newspaper to dry.

Optional – iron flat for ease of gluing, especially if working with younger classes. This will also hasten drying process if you are wanting to do this project in one art class.

Glue dried planet to black background and spray with floral glitter to represent stars.

Very effective project for Earth Day. Can be done in other colour combinations for Solar System studies.