Go With the Flow Watercolor Trees

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by Andrea Mulder-Slater

Paint trees using a loose watercolor technique that is great for all ages. Our version shows trees in the Spring or Summer, but if you add some reds and oranges, you will have instant fall color trees!

What You Need:

Watercolor paper (9″ x 12″), at least 90lb (or other thick Sulphite drawing paper)

Watercolors (pan watercolors are fine)

Watercolor paintbrush (I like taklon, but any round brush will do)

Water and containers


What You Do:

Wet the watercolor paper on the bottom half of the page (using just plain water).

Then, add green watercolor paint, a small amount at a time.

On the top half of the paper, begin adding first water, and then blue watercolor paint. BE PREPARED FOR THE PAINT TO RUN.

While the blue paint is STILL WET (this is important!), begin adding dabs of yellow watercolor paint. The yellow paint will blend with the wet blue paint to create shades of green.

Continue dabbing until you have a row of big, leafy tree shapes.

Add some darker green dabs of watercolor paint on top of the blended yellow dabs.

As the paint dries on the paper, the dabs will become more formed and will burst out less.

When you are happy with the shape of the trees, let the paper dry. Then, add some tree trunks and branches using watercolor paint or marker.

All done!

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