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Weaving a Watercolor

Weaving a Watercolor
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Students will review colors as they explore watercolors. Then, they will weave their paintings together.

By: Sandi DeLoge [Sandi is a visual artist teacher and artist at Southside Elementary in Columbus IN]

What You Need:

  • watercolors
  • paper 9×12 (2 sheets per student)
  • brushes
  • water
  • color wheel(s)
  • scissors

What You Do:

  1. Students reviewed primary, secondary and intermediate colors.
  2. Students were shown watercolor brush techniques.
  3. Students picked a starting color from the color wheel and a shape to repeat and continued in order around the color wheel.
  4. After both paintings were done students then cut one into strips, leaving the strips attached on one edge. (see “More Information” below)
  5. The other painting was cut into strips (either regular or irregular) and one at a time a woven into the other painting. (see “More Information” below)
  6. Edge pieces were glued down and then student picked out a background color to mount their weavings onto.

Weaving a Watercolor


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