Printing With a Brayer

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Some of the lessons in KinderArt refer to printing with a brayer. The directions for doing so are as follows.

By Andrea Mulder-Slater

What You Need:

  • printing ink
  • brayer
  • paper
  • plexiglass sheet
  • printing plate

What You Do:

Place a small amount of ink on the plexiglass, cookie tray or glass sheet.

Roll both ways to allow the roller to evenly pick up the ink. Roll until the ink comes up in little “points”.

Printing with a brayer

(Roll away from yourself slowly – to pick up ink. Roll toward yourself quickly – to remove excess ink.)

Once the roller is “inked”, roll onto the printing plate. You probably have to go through this process several times before enough ink is placed on the plate.

Once the printing plate or block is “inked”, place paper on top and using either your hand or a wooden spoon, rub lightly over the surface of the paper.

Remove paper and repeat process for more prints.

Printing with a brayer