Cerealism (Cereal Box Collage) with Michael Albert

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by Andrea Mulder-Slater

Michael Albert is an artist who creates doodles, pen and ink drawings, wax oil paintings and cubist/pop art mosaic cereal box collages. CEREALISM is the name he has given to his body of work comprised of collages made from cereal boxes. Michael has graciously provided us with a video lesson showing children how to make art in his style.


American Pop Artist Michael Albert shows us how to turn a cereal box (or some other printed cardboard brand package) into a work of art.


  • One Cereal Box (or any printed cardboard consumer brand packages such as cookies, crackers, tea, soda, frozen pizza, etc)
  • Bottle of Glue such as Regular Elmer’s Glue, Clear liquid glue, or Glue stick
  • A pair of scissors
  • Piece of cardboard approximately 8” X 10” such as the back of a writing pad, pice of a corrugated box (like the kind you get things shipped to you in), or the inside back of the cereal box.

You might want to cover the surface of the table you are using with newspaper or plastic


Find out more about Michael Albert, see examples of his work and find cool puzzle and more at his website: https://www.michaelalbert.com/