Paper Amusement Parks

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Kids can make amusement park art (including roller coasters) using art tape.

By Judith Walsh [Judith is an art educator at Mt. Zion Elementary, Suffolk, VA.]


  • Students will make mini amusement parks using art tape.
  • Students will create 3-D artwork.
  • Students will plan and design an artwork.

What You Need:

  • Art Tape (available in most supply catalogs)
  • OR
  • Construction paper strips and glue
  • Scissors
  • Paper or cardboard (9″ x 12″)

What You Do:

After a discussion about the differences between 3D artwork and 2D (flat), students will begin to create their own amusement park.

Art tape has glue on one side and is very sturdy. So students can just lick and stick to create wonderful sculptures!

Alternatively, students can use cut paper strips which they glue onto the base paper.

My students have created very detailed roller coasters complete with cars and people with their hands up in the air! The possibilities are endless.

Their creativity runs wild and with me being on a cart there is no messy glue to clean up!

Find a fantastic paper roller coaster lesson plan at the smART class blog here:


Image: smART Class