Dot Mosaics (making a dot without making a dot)

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Students will create a mosaic using bits of paper and these bits of paper will create a dot.

By Jennifer Stratton [Jennifer is a parent and Creativity Educator from Anchorage, Alaska.]


  • Working with mosaic and reverse images
  • This is a wonderful project that shows how confidence breeds confidence!

What You Need:

What You Do:

This lesson is based on The Dot by Peter H. Reynolds. In this story, Vashti is convinced that she cannot draw. Her art teacher encourages her to just make a mark and see where it takes her.

  1. Cut a circle out of the white paper. Trace a small plate or large cup.
  2. With repositionable glue or scotch tape, lightly adhere the white circle to the center of the black paper.
  3. Now, with the glue stick adhere the bits of paper all around the white dot. You want the bits to be as close together as you can, but not overlapping. Get as close as you can to the dot, without having the paper bits touch it.
  4. Remove the white circle and you have made a black dot without actually making a dot!

Making a dot mosaic