Halloween Countdown Calendar

Halloween countdown calendar.


A fun way for kids to count down to Halloween.


  • Recognition of colors orange and black.
  • Creating an AB pattern.
  • Regrouping “fives” into “tens”.
  • Counting by ones, fives, tens.
  • Practicing artistic skills.
  • Understanding the length of 24 hours.


What You Need:

For each child:

  • Sixteen orange (I use fluorescent orange because I make much use of a black light in October.) paper strips.
  • Fifteen black paper strips. (Or other fluorescent color if you use a black light and you would rather all the links be fluorescent.)
  • Glue
  • Large orange construction paper (or fluorescent orange)
  • Yellow construction paper (or yellow fluorescent paper)
  • Chalk (because I like its thick lines)
  • Black light (optional)
  • The following poem:

Trick or Treat is coming, be brave with all your might.
Spooky things will walk about with Jack O Lanterns bright
Take a link off every night
Jump in bed,
Turn off the light.
When the last
link disappears,
Tomorrow, HALLOWEEN is here!

What You Do:

Day 1

  1. Teacher draws several types of eyes, noses, and mouths on chalkboard.
  2. Teacher models how a jack o lantern is drawn.
  3. Teacher glues poem on forehead of lantern.
  4. Teacher chooses the kind of eyes, nose, and toothy mouth he/she would like to use.
  5. Teacher cuts out eyes, nose, and mouth and tapes yellow fluorescent paper over the “holes”.
  6. Teacher demonstrates that now the pumpkin is a “lantern”. (Use black light if so desired.)
  7. Kids create faces and cut out their lanterns.

Day 2

  1. Kids glue around edges of facial features and affix the yellow paper.

Day 3

  1. Teacher models how to count and place five strips of black links in one pile (I arrange them like tally marks with the fifth strip resting across the other vertical four) and five orange in another.
  2. Teacher counts by fives to ten.
  3. Teacher models how to make several black-orange-black-orange links to form a chain. (The first chain is stapled or glued to the bottom of the jack o lantern so at clean up time, each child’s chains are already affixed to his/her “calendar” or rest of unfinished strips can be readily stored atop individual lanterns for completion the next day.)
  4. Ask the students to predict the next color in the AB chain.
  5. Each child counts a group of five into two piles.
  6. When a child has regrouped his fives to make “ten”, he/she begins to glue their strips to form chains.

Day 4

  1. Teacher models making two piles each of five black strips and five orange strips.
  2. Teacher models how to make a set of ten using one pile of black and one pile of orange strips.
  3. Teacher demonstrates “shortcut way” to do links into chains by simply gluing several strips at a time until all the strips in that set are used.
  4. Kids do what the teacher did. (I teach kindergarten, so I know the kids can handle the last twenty links in one session.)

Day 5

  1. Teacher displays his/her class calendar and reads the poem on Sept.30.
  2. Kids take their calendar home.
  3. The students do a countdown in class everyday either counting the links left or reciting the AB pattern for color practice.


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