Magical Leprechaun Footprints

Magical Leprechaun Footprints Craft.


Kids will learn about patterns, colour mixing and tints as they create “leprechaun” footprints.

What You Need:

  • green crayons
  • assorted color crayons
  • green paint and white paint on one palette for each group
  • OR – blue and yellow paint to explore colour mixing

What You Do:

Talk about the magic of Leprechauns.

Pretend that some leprechauns have visited the room and left their footprints behind.

Ask students to step onto paper and trace their shoes (using a pencil) as many time as will fit on the paper.

Next, using peeled crayon on their sides, your students can fill in their shoe outlines with various colors.

Optional: Show students how to create green by mixing blue and yellow together.

Explain “tints” [adding white to a color (in this case, green) to create lighter shades of green]. Demonstrate this by mixing several shades of green paint. Your students will be using various shades of green to create clovers which will be painted around their footprints.

Show students how to make 3-leaf clovers (three small filled circles, connected and a stem). Each circle of the clover will be a lighter shade of green than the last. There will be several shades of green used.

Your students can then draw and paint a number of clovers on their paper in a random pattern around the magical footprints.

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