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March Arts & Crafts and Special Days

March Arts & Crafts and Special Days
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A list of seasonal arts, crafts, activities, art lessons and ideas for the month of March.


Try this: ► IN LIKE A LION?
This activity allows you to chart the weather with your students — comparing the first of the month with the last of the month. Did it come in like a lion and go out like a lamb — or was the opposite true?

Chalandra Marz Festival (Switzerland)

Pig Day
Try this: ► Farm Animals Coloring Pages
Try this: ► Pop Art Pigs Lesson (external link)

Horse Protection Day
Try this: ► Farm Animals Coloring Pages

Peanut Butter Day

World Compliment Day

Smile Day
Try this: ► Make Apple Smiles

Yellowstone National Park Anniversary

Unplug Day (1st Friday in March)
Get off your phones and tablets!


Dr. Seuss’s Birthday
Try this: ► Dr. Suess Mural
Try this: ► Visit Seussville (external link)

Old Stuff Day
Try this: ► Make art from recycled items

Read Across America Day

Banana Cream Pie Day


World Wildlife Day
Try this: ► Make animal-themed art

Alexander Graham Bell’s Birthday (born 1847)

Doll Festival (Japan)

National Anthem Day
Try this:Flag Coloring Pages 
Try this:Canada Crafts
Try this: USA Crafts

Canadian Bacon Day


First meeting of congress, 1789

Grammar Day

Scrapbooking Day

Toy Soldier Day


Mardi Gras
Mardi Gras (French for “Fat Tuesday”) is the day before Ash Wednesday, and is also called “Shrove Tuesday” or “Pancake Day”. Mardi Gras always falls exactly 46 days before Easter ▼

Celebrate this colorful holiday with masks and maracas!

Artist Diego Velazquez’s Birthday

Boston Massacre, 1770

Cheese Doodle Day


Artist Michelangelo’s Birthday (born 1475)

Frozen Food Day
Try this:  Make Mini Meals
Try this:  Make Paper Hamburgers
Try this:  Shape Collage Pizzas

Dentist’s Day


Artist Piet Mondrian’s Birthday (born 1872)
Try this: ► Paint like Piet Mondrian
Read this: ► All about Mondrian
Try this: ► Get Inspired by Piet Mondrian
Try this: ► Mondrian for Little Ones
Try this: ► Mondrian Hearts

Cereal Day
Try this: ► Crispy Pops Recipe

World Math Day
Try this: ► Beautiful Numbers

World Book Day (1st Thursday in March)
Try this: ► Find art lessons inspired by books


International Woman’s Day
Try this: ► Georgia O’Keeffe: Abstract Flowers
Try this: ► Emily Carr’s Trees
Try this: ► Faith Ringgold’s Story Quilts
Try this: ► Louis Nevelson Assemblages


Barbie’s Birthday (Barbie Doll)

Genealogy Day (2nd Saturday in March)
Try this: ► Make a Family History Collage


Day of Awesomeness

Harriet Tubman Day
Try this: ► Dream Big with MLK

Anniversary of the Invention of the Telephone

Commonwealth Day (United Kingdom)

Paper Money Day

Pack Your Lunch Day
Try this: ► KinderArt Kitchen Recipes
Try this: ► Make a Paper Sandwich


Arts Advocacy Day
Read this: ► Art Education – Why is it Important?
Read this: ► How to Bring Art into your Home or School Classroom

Johnny Appleseed Day
Try this: ► An Apple for the Teacher
Try this: ► Make Fruit and Vegetable Prints


Fiesta de las Fallas (Spain)

Girl Scout Day
Try this: ► Earn your craft badge

Anniversary of the Death of Anne Frank, 1945

Plant a Flower Day
Try this: ► 6 Ways to Make Flowers
Try this: ► Make Mosaic Flowerpots for your flowers.

Fanny Pack Day


Earmuff Day

Jewel Day
Try this: ► Make Acorn Jewels

Planet Uranus Discovered in 1781
Try this: ► Create a Planet
Try this: ► Cosmic Mobile
Try this: ► Make Outer Space Foil Etchings


Albert Einstein’s Birthday (1879)

Baseball cap invented, 1860

Potato Chip Day

Pi Day
Try this: ► Beautiful Numbers
Try this: ► Iterating Fractals
Try this: ► Make Math Gnomes

Science Education Day
Try this: ► STEM Activities

Learn About Butterflies Day
Try this: ► Coffee Filter Butterflies (markers/paint)
Try this: ► Coffee Filter Butterflies (tissue paper/food coloring)
Try this: ► Bella Butterflies Painting Lesson
Try this: ► Zip Bag Butterflies
Try this: ► Paper Bag Butterfly Puppets


Julius Caesar Assassinated (44BC)
Try this: ► Greek Pottery Designs
Try this: ► Greek Story Vases


Everything You Do Is Right Day

World Sleep Day (Friday before Spring Equinox)

Panda Day


St. Patrick’s Day
St. Patrick’s Day is an annual feast day which celebrates Saint Patrick (385-461), one of the patron saints of Ireland. It takes place on March 17th, the date on which Patrick is thought to have died. ▼

Celebrate this green holiday by creating cool crafts.


Quilting Day (3rd Saturday in March)
Try this: ► Faith Ringgold’s Story Quilts
Try this: ► Thanksgiving Quilt Cooperative Art
Try this: ► Paper Crazy Quilts


Canberra Day (Australia)
Try this: ► Make a Didgeridoo
Try this: ► Australian Rhythm Sticks

Forgive Mom and Dad Day
Try this: ► Mother’s Day Crafts
Try this: ► Father’s Day Crafts

Aruba Flag Day

Grandparents and Grandchildren Day
(This is not the same as National Grandparents Day, celebrated in September on the first Sunday after Labour Day)
Try this: ► 20 Fun Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank
Try this: ► Handprint Dishcloth for Grandma/Grandpa


Poultry Day
Try this: ► Chicken/chick coloring page
Try this: ► Hen/chick coloring page

Read to Me Day

Swallow’s Return Day
Try this: ► Make Bird Binoculars

Artist Charles Russell’s Birthday


Agriculture Day
Try this: ► Farm Animal Coloring Pages

First Day of Spring
Try this: ► Raindrop Painting
Try this: ► Spring Indoors
Try this: ► Muffin Flowers
Try this: ► Coffee Filter Magnet
Try this: ► Watercolor Rainbows
Try this: ► Edible Bird’s Nest
Try this: ► Easter/Spring Bonnet
Try this: ► Search for More Spring Ideas!

Mister Rogers’ Birthday

Independence Day (Tunisia)

Pizza Day
Try this: ► Pizza Collage
Try this: ► Make a Piglet Pizza


Children’s Poetry Day
Try this: ► Poetry Pebbles
Try this: ► Magnetic Poetry

Absolutely Incredible Kid Day

Fragrance Day

Independence Day (Namibia)

Single Parents’ Day

Teenagers Day

Iranian New Year

World Down Syndrome Day

International Day of Forests
Try this: ► Paper Bag Trees
Try this: ► Puzzle Piece Trees
Try this: ► Drawing Trees in Perspective
Try this: ► Salt and Watercolor Trees


United Nations World Water Day
Try this: ► Water Water Costume Design

As Young As You Feel Day

Emancipation Day (Puerto Rico)

New Year’s Day (India)


Puppy Day
Try this: ► Shamrock Puppy Craft
Try this: ► Dog and Puppy Coloring Page
Try this: ► My Pet House

Elevator Day

Artist Juan Gris’ Birthday

Liberty Day (Patrick Henry declared: “Give me liberty…” in 1775)

World Meteorological Day
Try this: ► Folk Art Weather Vane
Try this: ► Rainsticks
Try this: ► Raindrop Painting
Try this: ► Little Paper Clouds
Try this: ► Snow-Covered Trees
Try this: ► Paint the Snow
Try this: ► Snow Science
Try this: ►Winter Crayon Resist
Try this: ► Snowflakes
Try this: ►Snowflake Patterns


Family Day
Make Art with the Entire Family!

Independence Day (Philippines)

International Day of the Seal

Chocolate Covered Raisins Day


Sculptor Gutzon Borgium’s Birthday, 1871

Independence Day (Greece)
Try this: ► Greek Pottery Designs
Try this: ► Greek Story Vases

Waffle Day


Poet Robert Frost’s Birthday (1874)
Try this: ► Poetry Pebbles
Try this: ► Magnetic Poetry
Try this: ► Haiku Straw Painting

Independence Day (Bangladesh)

Make Up Your Own Holiday Day

Spinach Day


Education and Sharing Day

Happy Birthday to You Day
Try this: ► Make a Magic Wand

Try this: ► Artist’s Birthdays

Manatee Appreciation Day (Last Wednesday of March)


Qing Ming Festival (China)
Try this: ► Chinese Dragon
Try this: ► Chinese Gong

Holi (India)

Morione’s Festival (Philippines)

Teachers’ Day (Czech Republic)

Weed Appreciation Day


Youth Day (Taiwan)

Lemon Chiffon Cake Day


Artist Vincent van Gogh’s Birthday, 1853
Try this: ► Van Gogh’s Painting Style
Try this: ► Drawing Sunflowers
Try this: ► Van Gogh’s Sunflowers Bulletin Board
Try this: ► Van Gogh’s Sunflowers Lesson Plan Pack (product)
Try this: ► Van Gogh’s Starry Night (product)

Artist Francisco Goya’s Birthday, 1746

Doctor’s Day

Pencil Day
Try this: ► Drawing Lessons

Take a Walk in the Park Day
Try this: ► 110 Screen Free Activities for Kids

Doctor’s Day


Crayola Crayon Day

Try this: ► Make Art with Crayons

Eiffel Tower Anniversary

Mathematician Rene Descartes Birthday (1596)



Youth Art Month

Academy Awards Month
Try this: ► Get Dramatic!

American Red Cross Month
Try this: ► Heart Mobiles
Try this: ► Heart Blottos
Try this: ► Broken Hearts
Try this: ► I Give you My Heart

National Craft Month

Try this: ► Make Crafts!

Ethics Awareness Month

Frozen Food Month

Try this:  Make Mini Meals
Try this:  Shape Collage Pizzas

Help Someone See Month

International Listening Awareness Month

Irish-American Heritage Month
Try this: ► St. Patrick’s Day Crafts

Music in the Schools Month
Try this: ► Musical Art
Try this: ► Coffee Can Drum
Try this: ► Didgeridoo
Try this: ► Make an African Drum
Try this: ► Rainsticks

Try this: ► Easy to Make Musical Instruments

Kite Month
Try this: ► Make Kites
Try this: ► Windsock

Noodle Month
Try this: ► Spaghetti Skeleton

Non Fiction Reading and Writing Month

Nutrition Month
Try this: ► Find Healthy Snacks at the KinderArt Kitchen

Woman’s History Month
Try this: ► Georgia O’Keeffe: Abstract Flowers
Try this: ► Georgia O’Keeffe: Flowers Galore
Try this: ► Emily Carr’s Trees

Optimism Month

Play the Recorder Month

Poetry Month
Try this: ► Poetry Pebbles
Try this: ► Magnetic Poetry
Try this: ► Haiku Straw Painting

Poison Prevention Awareness Month

Spring Month
Try this: ► Spring Showers
Try this: ► In Like a Lion…
Try this: ► Spring Indoors
Try this: ► Muffin Flowers
Try this: ► Search for More Spring Ideas!

Umbrella Month


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