Paper Mache Easter Baskets

Paper mache Easter Baskets from Balloons.


Students can make Easter baskets using balloons and paper mache.

What You Need:

  • paperclips
  • string
  • balloons
  • white glue
  • flour & water (or wallpaper paste)
  • newspaper
  • construction paper
  • paint
  • scissors
  • stapler
  • notions (ribbons, bows, varied flora)

What You Do:

Blow up a balloon.

Tie the string to the balloon and attach the paperclip. (This is to create a hanger for drying.)

Cut the newspaper and the construction paper into strips.

Mix the flour and water until you get the desired consistency, in a bowl to make paper mache paste. Add some white glue if the mixture isn’t sticky enough. Note: You can use wallpaper paste instead of flour and water.

Dip the newspaper into the paper mache paste until completely soaked. Pull excess paste off with your hands.

Next, spread the soaked newspaper around the balloon.

Keep repeating this process until the balloon is completely covered.

Hang the balloon to dry completely. This could take 24 hours, depending on humidity levels.

When dry, pop the balloon. Pull on the string to remove the balloon.

You can create one basket or two…

To create one basket: Cut an opening in the shape to create the appearance of an Easter Basket.

To create two baskets: Cut the shape in half and staple strips of poster board to create handles.

Paint the basket(s).

Let the paint dry.

Image: YouTube

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