Pot of Gold Craft

Pot of Gold Craft for Kids. KinderArt.com


This super easy project is a fun way to create a little package of goodies!
This craft makes use of pom poms and candies.

Simple items make this a great classroom project for St. Patrick’s Day.

What You Need:

  • 8-10 iridescent yellow pom poms
  • yellow curling ribbon
  • green tissue paper
  • small baby food jar
  • white craft glue
  • water
  • scissors
  • paint brush or sponge applicator
  • M&M®’s, Skittles® or other colorful small candies (optional)

What You Do:

Thoroughly wash and dry small baby food jar and lid.

Mix 4 tablespoons of white craft glue with enough water to bring it to painting consistency.

Have children cut tissue paper into squares. Starting with small sections, apply glue mixture with paint brush or sponge applicator to jar.

Stick tissue paper onto glue mixture and continue all the way around the jar. Apply glue mixture over the top of tissue paper layer. Apply a second layer of tissue paper, allow to dry completely.

While jar is drying, apply glue around the outer edge of the jar lid. Adhere the ribbon around the lid lip and tie in a knot. Curl the ribbon by sliding the flat edge of the blade from a pair of scissors along the ribbon. Glue pom poms to the top of the lid and allow to dry.

When jar and lid are completely dry, fill jar with colored candies and give to the lucky recipient! Attach a cute note such as “Kiss me. I’m Irish!” or “A Lucky Pot of Gold for You!”.

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