Shamrock Mask

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Kids can create a mask in the shape of a shamrock.

According to Irish legend, Ireland’s patron saint – Saint Patrick – picked the shamrock as a symbol of the Trinity of the Christian church. The shamrock is worn proudly by Irish people all over the world on St. Patrick’s Day – March 17. Why not try your hand at a Shamrock Mask?

What You Need:

  • Green construction paper or white paper and green paint
  • Paintbrushes and water containers if you are painting.
  • Pencils
  • Scissors
  • Green yarn or wool
  • Glue
  • Stapler

What You Do:

Draw the shape of a shamrock on a piece of green construction paper or on white paper (if you are going to paint instead).

Make sure the shamrock is big enough to cover the face.

Cut the shamrock out of the paper.

Draw eye holes on the shamrock mask and cut them out too. Try cutting the eye holes in the shapes of shamrocks.

Glue green wool around the outside of the shamrock to add strength… and interest.

Attach yarn to the shamrock using a stapler. (So you can tie the mask to your head)

Tie the shamrock mask around your head.

Shamrock Mask Craft for Kids.

Older students can get really fancy and make their shamrock mask using paper mache. Use very thick paper — even a lightweight cardboard and cut the shamrock shape out of that. Then layer small pieces of newspaper dipped in paper mache (wallpaper paste, water and glue) all over the shamrock shape. Let dry and paint.

You can also glue all sorts of wonderful found objects onto your shamrock mask OR you could cut out tiny shamrocks and glue them on the mask for decoration as well.

Use your imagination and see what you come up with.