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Tissue Paper Eggs

Tissue Paper Eggs
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Kids can decorate eggs using tissue paper and glue. This is a wonderful activity for preschoolers.

By Andrea Mulder-Slater

What You Need:

  • hard boiled eggs or eggs that have been blown out.
  • tissue paper
  • bowl(s)
  • glue (regular or glitter glue)
  • old paintbrushes
  • Optional: Shimmer N Shine Glitter Glaze

What You Do:

Gather your materials (paint, paintbrushes, tissue paper and our favorite stuff – Shimmer N Shine Glitter Glaze.)

Tissue Paper Eggs Craft for Kids.

Carefully prepare your eggs by poking holes in either end and blowing out the contents, or by boiling them.

Dab and brush paint on your egg.

Tissue Paper Eggs Craft for Kids. Tissue Paper Eggs Craft for Kids.

Tear some tissue paper into smaller pieces.

Tissue Paper Eggs Craft for Kids.

Use glitter glaze (or plain glue or glitter glue) to affix the tissue paper to the egg.

Tissue Paper Eggs Craft for Kids.

Tissue Paper Eggs Craft for Kids.


Tissue Paper Eggs Craft for Kids.

More Ideas:

Dip tissue paper squares in water and lay on the egg. Let dry and remove the tissue. Colors will remain.


Wrap the egg in tissue paper and then apply water by paint brush. Let dry and remove the tissue.


Glue tissue paper squares onto the egg. Let dry.


Tear tissue paper into small pieces and place in bowl.

Place a wet hard boiled (or blown out) egg into the bowl, rolling it until the egg has picked up the bits of paper.

Allow the wet paper to stay on the egg for a few minutes.

Remove wet paper and see the light pastel colors.

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