Patriotic Box Craft

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This cute little box is not just reserved for the Fourth of July! It is perfect for Memorial Day or any day you feel like showing your patriotism!

By Amanda Formaro

What You Need:

  • small box with lid
  • acrylic paint in red, white, and blue
  • foam stamps (star, and the letters U, S and A)
  • large scruffy paint brush
  • small paintbrush
  • acrylic sealer spray, matte

What You Do:

Paint entire box and lid with one coat of white paint, let dry completely. using scruffy brush, pick up some red paint and brush off excess onto paper towel.

Lightly brush the red paint in long strokes across the outside of the box. Paint will (and should) look streaky.

Repeat this same process with blue paint on the lid. Some areas will be darker than others, you can rub the edges with the brush a little harder to add definition if you like.

Use the letter stamps and paint them with white paint, then stamp “USA” on the front of the box.

Stamps for Patriotic Box.

Stamp the star with white paint on the top of the lid.

Spray entire surface with acrylic spray sealer and allow to dry.