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Holiday Fingerprint / Finger Painting Crafts for Kids

Holiday Fingerprint / Finger Painting Crafts for Kids
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These Christmas fingerprint / finger painting pictures will become instant keepsakes for you and your children.

By: Andrea Mulder-Slater

Things are about to get messy…

There’s no easy way to say what I have to say, so I’ll just go ahead and say it:

You, your kids, and your kitchen are probably going to get messy when you try out these cool holiday painting ideas. But here’s the thing: Sometimes making art means getting dirty and in fact, the best projects are often the ones that leave a trail.

And, because these are fingerprint pictures, they will become instant keepsakes for you to look back on and smile as you remember that time when your daughter was so excited at the sight of her Christmas tree craft that she grabbed onto your shirt with a little hand that couldn’t possibly be covered with more paint.

What You Need:

  • Paint (either acrylic or tempera is fine, as long as it’s washable)
  • Paper (white and dark)
  • A plate (for the paint)
  • A black Sharpie marker
  • A pencil (optional)
  • Cotton swabs
  • A covered work surface
  • A lot of paper towels

You will also want to make sure that EVERYONE involved is wearing painting smocks or is dressed in old clothes.

Ready? Great, let’s get started…


My friend Kelly showed my daughter (and 29 other kids) how to make these lights and not one piece of clothing got dirty. Kelly is superhuman.

First, draw a squiggly line across the paper using a Sharpie marker. Then, add some square shapes along the line – top and bottom.

Finger painting Christmas crafts for kids from

Dip into the paint and start adding fingerprints at each of the square shapes.

Finger painting Christmas crafts for kids from

When finished, you will have a string of colourful Christmas lights! Wouldn’t this be great with all family members adding their own fingerprints to the painting?

Finger painting Christmas crafts for kids from


Using a dark sheet of paper, simply fill in a snowman shape with your fingertips dipped into white paint. (I drew three circles as guidelines but this is certainly not necessary.)

Once the snowman is completely dry, you can start to add details. We used cotton swabs for this step.

Finger painting Christmas crafts for kids from

Voila! Your very own Frosty.

Finger painting Christmas crafts for kids from


Create three holly leaves using your fingertips dipped in green paint.

Then, add the red berries. It’s just that easy. These would look lovely as decorations on holiday cards.

Finger painting Christmas crafts for kids from



The technique here is simple. Dip two fingers into red and white paint and alternate the colours on a dark sheet of paper.

Finger painting Christmas crafts for kids from


For the Christmas tree, I drew a quick outline of a tree on paper and let my daughter fill in the space.

Once the paint was completely dry, she added ornaments by dipping her fingers into paint and dabbing them onto the tree.

Finger painting Christmas crafts for kids from

Now go wash your hands!

This post first appeared on YMC with the title: All Hands on Deck.

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