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Scrap Materials Santa

Scrap Materials Santa
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Use scrap materials from around the house to make a Santa face for the holidays.

By Smita Srivastava

“Recently my 3 yr old daughter and I made a Santa face using scrap materials. We made this Santa face on a paper plate and used lots of garlic peels for the beard and cotton for moustache. ”

What You Need:

  • paper plate
  • cotton balls
  • garlic peels
  • scrap paper and/or fabric
  • glue
  • scissors
  • sequins (optional)
  • paint and brushes (tempera or poster paint)

What You Do:

Gather your materials.

Paint the paper plate skin color near the top and white everywhere else (refer to photo) and let dry.

Cut a mustache shape out of construction paper. Glue it onto the plate in the appropriate spot.

Glue cotton balls onto the mustache shape.

Glue a small pink scrap paper circle in the middle of the mustache for the nose.

Glue garlic peels in the area where Santa’s beard should be. If you don’t have garlic peels, use cotton balls.

Use paint to create eyes and eyebrows.

Cut a hat shape out of red fabric or scrap paper. Glue it onto the top of the plate.

Glue a cotton ball to the end of the hat.

Glue cotton to the bottom edge of the hat (for trim). Refer to the photograph.

Embellish the hat with sequins and shapes cut out of scrap paper.

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