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Paper Ornament Collage

Paper Ornament Collage
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Students can create an ornament collage using scraps of colorful paper.

By Anitra Redlefsen

What You Need:

  • a variety of colorful paper (scrapbooking paper works well)
  • glue (white glue and hot glue)
  • scissors
  • thick paper
  • fribbon
  • optional: our ornament template

What You Do:

Start with an ornament shape, drawn out on paper.

You can draw your own, or use ours: CLICK HERE for template.

Next, cut some shapes out of your colorful paper.Our photos show two different options – strips and squares.

Start applying the paper to the ornament shape with glue.

Continue until the shape is full. You may wish to trim your edges with scissors.

Add some ribbon at the top.

You might wish to hang these from the Christmas tree, or glue them on card stock to use as greeting cards.

Paper Ornament Collage.


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