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Make Paper Snowflakes

Make Paper Snowflakes
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How to make your own paper snowflakes, without a pattern.

Paper Snowflakes:

They’re simple and fun to do, so why not make some colorful paper snowflakes this winter?

They make great window decorations, they can be attached to Christmas gifts or you can hang them from your Christmas tree. You could even make snowflake jewelry.

What You Need:

  • Paper (make sure it is square).
  • Scissors (and some adult help for the littles).

What You Do:

  1. Get a square piece of paper or trim a piece of paper so that it is square.
  2. Fold your square in half diagonally (have a look at the picture below).
  3. Fold your triangle in half – again diagonally (look at the picture below).
  4. Fold paper in thirds … one side to the front, the other to the back.
  5. Trim the extra piece of paper off the end of your small triangle.
  6. Around the outside of your triangle, cut some fun designs — circles, squares, triangles, squiggles … anything goes.
  7. Unfold your paper and look at your masterpiece.
  8. Voila! A snowflake.

How to make a paper snowflake.


If you are looking for snowflake patterns, we have LOTS to choose from…

Click on the images below.

Sea Life Snowflake Patterns


More Snowflakes:

Click here for lots of printable snowflake pattern templates.




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