Reindeer Portraits

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These adorable reindeer portraits are such a delight for children to make. Shared by ARTventurous.

What You Need:

  • Sulphite paper
  • Pencils
  • Oil Pastels (black)
  • Tempera Paints
  • Brushes
  • Water


What You Do:

Start with pencil and then go over your lines with black oil pastel.

Place a finger at the bottom of the paper and trace both sides to make the neck.

Using your opposite hand as a guide for size, draw a circle around your hand (not tracing) so that your oval is wider and taller than your hand.

Draw a line from the top of the head towards each of the top corners of your paper.
Draw ears at the top of the head pointing to the sides of the paper.
Draw a large horizontal oval at the bottom of the face for the nose and draw 2 vertical ovals at the top of the face for the eyes.
Add dots for the eyes and finish the antlers.
Draw a rounded square around the neck – there will need to be a bit of erasing here to hide the lines of the neck.
Finish the scarf.
Paint the scarf, nose and the background. The next day, add a bit of peach pastel to the inside of the reindeers’ ears, white to add details to the scarf, and go over our antlers and any other spots where you feel might need some more black outlining.
Use brown paint to finish the reindeer.

This lesson was reprinted with permission of ARTventurous.

ARTventurous is a First Grade teacher from Vancouver, Canada who loves teaching art to her young students. She started her blog as a way to save and share her students’ work and to inspire other teachers to be creative in their own classrooms. Find her at and on Instagram at: @artventurousblog