Valentine’s Day Banners

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Using paper and markers, students will make bright banners for Valentine’s Day!

What You Need:

  • Red & Black Construction Paper (large sheets)
  • Scissors
  • Markers, Crayons or Paint & Paintbrushes
  • Glue
  • Optional) Red Yarn (or ready-made tassels)

What You Do:

Create a long banner shape using construction paper. (approx 12″ wide by 24″ – 36″ long).

Cut indentation(s) at the bottom of the paper so it appears as a fabric banner would. (Of course you could always make a fabric banner instead).

Optional: Create tassels using red yarn and glue to the bottom of the banner.

Make heart shapes or dove shapes to glue on your banner. The designs are entirely up to you. You can use construction paper or wrapping paper or plain white paper that is painted or decorated with markers.

Cut out a black strip of paper and glue to the top of the banner.

Hang your work on the wall or from the ceiling.