Toothpaste Batik

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A minty-fresh take on the traditional art of batik. Using toothpaste and paint, kids will create fabulous one-of-a-kind batik masterpieces.

By: Hannah Brady [Hannah is an artist, designer and educator]

What You Need:

❖ white toothpaste
❖ hand lotion
❖ empty glue bottles
❖ drawing paper
❖ pencils
❖ cardboard
❖ muslin / white fabric
❖ tape
❖ sharpie markers
❖ tempera / acrylic paint*
❖ paint brushes + water cups
❖ water (preferably a sink)

*acrylic paint will result in a stiffer fabric

Toothpaste batik materials

What You Do:

Pour 50 / 50 mixture of toothpaste and lotion into empty glue bottles and shake well.

Toothpaste Batik Step 1
Draw design on paper and trace with Sharpie (these lines will be white lines on the fabric).

Toothpaste Batik Step 2
Tape paper to cardboard and tape fabric over it.

Toothpaste Batik Step 3

Trace lines with 50 / 50 mixture and leave overnight to dry (the mixture will feel gummy).

Toothpaste Batik Step 4

Paint with tempera / acrylics and let dry.

Toothpaste Batik Step 5
Remove fabric from cardboard and run under warm water; rinse gently and thoroughly and let dry.*

Toothpaste Batik Step 6

*once dry, you can add more details with sharpies


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About the Lesson Plan

Hannah found the instructions for this fantastic activity from Art with Lee who had been inspired by There’s a Dragon in my Art Room.

About the Author

Hannah Brady is an artist, designer, and educator. She is currently a graduate student at Tufts University / School of the Museum of Fine Arts. She graduated from Rhode Island School of Design with a Bachelor of Architecture and a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Visit her at and follow her on Instagram at @msbradysartgallery


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