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Awards and Letters

Awards and Letters


Your letters and awards fill us with immense gratitude and your kind words make doing what we do so worthwhile!

AWARDS has won awards from: C&T Publishing,, Britannia, Golden Crane, e-Artfinder, EdHelper, Schoolsnet, Miss Kim, Smart Computing, StudyWeb, The Teacher’s Corner, Highlight’s for Kids, MCB, USA Today, The Cyber Mom, Education World, Cyber Teddy, KidWeb, Pacific Bell Knowledge Network, The Incredible Art Department, Skewl Sites, Edunet, Parenting Q&A, The School Page, NetMom, Yahoo Canada, Suite 101,, Ask Jeeves, StudyWeb, Copernicus, My Parentime, Education World and more.

“For every parent who wants his or her child to develop an appreciation for viewing and making art, for every teacher who’s looking for interesting developmental art lessons for the classroom using inexpensive and common materials that are probably already found in school, KinderArt is a wonderful free source of art education and inspiration … KinderArt is educational, inspirational, and exhilarating — a resource of the highest order.”


“KinderArt is an award winning, Canadian site that provides students and teachers with hundreds of ideas and activities in drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, multicultural art, cross-curricular art and seasonal art. Each lesson has a recommended grade level, a list of materials and clear instructions. There are also articles and tips on teaching art. Students can submit their art creations.”

~Federation of Women’s Teacher’s of Ontario

“This colourful site provides art education for children of all ages and even encourages parents to learn alongside their kids. There are over 125 hands-on art lessons covering everything from drawing techniques to sculpture. You’ll also find articles on cultivating creativity and practical ideas for teaching children how to look at art. Add to this, palettes of seasonal projects, cross-curricular activities and an online art gallery. The result is illuminating.”


“KinderArt has art lessons that you can use in your classroom tomorrow. This site is a handy teacher resource to bookmark now and return to often as seasonal and fresh lesson ideas are added. The creators of the site have combined their backgrounds in education and the visual arts to develop a site to meet the needs of busy teachers. Many of the lesson ideas require materials readily found in schools and use the materials in simple, interesting ways.”

~Skewl Sites

“Created by visual artists Jantje Mulder and Andrea Mulder-Slater, KinderArt features art lesson plans primarily for K-8 students. The numerous activities include creating painted shoes, tennis-ball prints, spray-paint murals, crayon etchings, stained glass designs, magazine mosaics, and pebble pictures. The site has a section of art trivia, a glossary of terms, a place for teachers to exchange lesson plans, and a gallery featuring students’ work.”

~Teacher Magazine

“If you’ve got a kid who likes doing art, you are in luck. KinderArt offers a big assortment of free online lessons.”

~USA Today

“Looking for some creative ideas for your elementary art lessons? This site maintains a small but valuable collection of art lessons and activities. Lessons include body collage, seashell painting and making a cosmic mobile. Can’t find what you want? The Art Exchange section offers educators the opportunity to post their favorite art ideas, tips and lesson plans for others to enjoy!”

~Classroom Connect Magazine

Letters From You

Dear Kinderart
I am an E.C.E graduate and have been doing daycare on my own for over five years now. I have my own little collection of craft books but it is not nearly close to what I have found on this site. It is very organized and their are tons of ideas. I could be on this site for months and months. I love it. I wish I had found it sooner. I was running out of ideas, believe it or not. Thanks and keep this site growing. I will be watching and sending this site to others.

In an age where art and music are being cut from public schools left and right, it is reassuring and thrilling to know of your site. I know my four year old son and 14 month old daughter will get years of fun out of your website. I also am on the prowl for easy, inexpensive and fun art projects for my church’s VBS program.
Thank you for a well-done site.
Vicki Dolezal

Wow! I am working with my 10yr old and 8yr old over the summer to keep them on track for next school year. My daughter is very much interested in art/art history and we found your site via’s art history site. We have to look no further as we wanted to combine all areas of learning in connection with the artist of her choice. Thank you! It is nice to see people doing what they really love, sharing it with others and doing a fantastic job… I am inspired.
Amanda Whaples

Really enjoyed your site. I especially liked how kid and teacher friendly it is. The links that you attach to your page are especially useful to make real world connections to art skills. Keep up the good work.
James Gill

Your site is great! I am no longer worried about how to teach my son art so that it will be fun and interesting. This site has easy to follow info and instructions and covers many different art topics. I know we will have a creative and fun year.
Anna Kitzmiller

What a spectacular website!!!!! Five star quality I’d say! I have just now stumbled by chance onto through a link provided on another site… What a grand service you all are providing for all of us here who are in desperate need of fresh idea!!! Hats off!! Take a big bow because you all deserve many thanks!!!
B. Farrell

Just a line to let you know that I am most impressed with your site, and not only use it constantly, but have also passed it on to other Art teachers here, as we are very cut off from the world of art. I teach both primary and secondary level, and often go from a class of 6 yr olds to one of 15 yr olds, so you can imagine the brain fuzz in this heat – up to 34c – ! ( I am in Mauritius, in the Indian Ocean) Many thanks for the newsletter, which is always looked forward to.
Stephanie Ulcoq

We think that Kinder Art is great. My children, 10,12, and 14 liked the lesson on Pointillism with q-tips. They each did totally different pictures and they came out really cool. The site is a Godsend to me. I love Art, but like the history of artist’s to go with it. Your site has made it so simple. Thanks!
Cheryl Clary

This site is my biggest resource for my lesson plans, I really like the activities I find on this site and the kids love them.
Sandra Pressler

I love your website! You’ve given myself and fellow teachers a wealth of ideas. Thank You!
Nancy Coy

This is a great site for ideas and activities. I used it when I was a Preschool teacher and Assistant Director. I am now a Child Care Specialist and I am still using it! Keep up the good work and thank you for such a useful site.
Michelle Raybon

I really enjoy your site. I’ve visited many sites and yours is one of the best. Easy to navigate and lots of great ideas. I really like the artists and art history pages.
Joanne Oakum

I have enjoyed KinderArt. I used it during my student teaching and now I use it in my classroom. Thanks for the ideas!!
Jennifer Stewart

This is a wonderful site, it’s one of my biggest and best resources as a preschool teacher. You’ve helped me so much.
Sandra Pressler

This has been a fantastic site. I am a teacher of grade 3/4 in Melbourne Australia. Your site has been invaluable. My students have now become so enthused in Art that it seems to be a favourite lesson each week. Thank you, Thank you.
Ourania Diamandis

This is really the best of many sites I have visited.
Julia A. McCready

My kids love it when they hear me printing because it’s usually me at this site.
Melissa Herzberg, Parent

Thank you kinderart for saving my life! I was having a terrible time trying to come up with ideas for my kinderartists, now I am at ease because I know that you have my back!!!! I have found a lot of lesson plans that I was able to put my own spin on! Thanks again!!!!!
~Desdemona S. Craft

I love your site! I use your site more than any site for art education!
Karen O’Boyle

You have given me a great deal of help in my efforts to become a better art teacher. Thank-you for all those last minute lesson plans for the substitute and myself.
Kathryn Lenihan

I am an Educational Assistant for Special needs children. You offer a lot of ideas for our class, and I enjoy your site. Keep up the good work.
Elaine Allegar

Outstanding! I have not found another comprehensive art site that is anywhere comparable to the outstanding art activities that you give for young children. Thanks for your dedication and hard work!!!!!!!!
Marie, Parent

I absolutely love this site. It is a real inspiration for me. Often I read about an art lesson and I make changes and alterations to the lesson to make it “fit” what I am doing in the classroom. It has prompted me to join an art educator’s group. The art that my students produce is even better and more focused than before. We love to do work “in the style” of an artist. Thank you.
Bonnie Cunningham

I think you have a wonderful web site. I have only recently begun using the web for art projects and seasonal crafts. You are a great resource and I have passed your name on to many of the teachers at work.
Christieann Sarte

I love the website! I have suggested to many of my fellow classmates, instructors and colleagues. It is a huge resource for ideas! I don’t know how many trees I have killed printing your activities! I have boxes full of them!

This site is fabulous and very useful. I used a lesson about Klimt in my 2nd grade classes last year that I found and adapted from this site and I get so many phone calls from parents saying their kids loved it and they were impressed with the students learning. I also presented it at an art educators group and got rave reviews. I see this happen a lot with things I find here. I love it. I am new to teaching elementary. I have always done middle school. So, I REALLY count on this great site to help me gather ideas for those young ones. Andrea works so hard and even sends me personal emails. Its great to find a group of people so dedicated to what we do spread out all over the globe. THANKS!
Amy Shapley

Everything is really fabulous. I am student teaching right now, and I get almost all of my lessons from you! You are a LIFESAVER. I wish that your website was run from Florida. . I would come work for you! This website is easy to navigate through, and your lessons are complete, and easy to teach. I find so much other great info and fun things here too! Thank you for making my elementary art internship a little easier!
Laura Tomaino

I’ve looked at a lot of sites and haven’t found one as extensive as this. I am very pleased with the site, except, I just don’t have enough time to look at it all. Great job!
Paula Campanelli

The ideas are wonderful and explained thoroughly so it’s easy to do. Thanks for the wonderful site to help a mom create many memories with her two toddlers!
Erika Townsend

Thank you for offering such a lovely site for teachers and educators of art. I use many of the ideas presented on this website as a spring board for my unit plans. Although I have taught for 30 years, I am always looking for fresh, innovative ways to teach creative material and your site provides the latest in teaching technology!
Cynthia Larrison

Fantastic site, I have found many excellent ideas and when there is room on your ideas list (because I know it’s pretty full up) I will put forward some of my own ideas. Thanks and keep up all the good work.

Lisa Murray

I truly appreciate your website! I am a special education teacher of young students and I visit your site regularity to get ideas for snacks we can make, coloring pages and art ideas. It is so handy and fast. Thank you again.
Patti Morgart

I’m a mom of an 8 yr. old boy and always hunting for home projects for us. Your site offers everything I’m looking for. Thanks for the great work!!!

Being an art teacher for grades 1 through 8, I am always looking for lessons to teach my 650 children each week! I am NEVER at a loss when I dive into your website. Usually I find I am there for at least an hour downloading all the great info. I have recommended your site to my art circle in my school district and we all find use for the many wonderful lessons on your site. Many thanks and keep up the great work.
J. Oconnor

Thank you so much for your wonderful newsletter. I home school and really appreciate all of the wonderful ideas and activities you have. I never realized that there were so many different holidays celebrated, and it has been fun to focus of some of them.
Keep up the great work!
Lisa Hanley

Dear KinderArt,

I learned about this site from my student teacher. This is probably the BEST resource for ideas I have seen in a long time! Thanks for the inspirations!

Shari Alongi

I would just like to thank you for this wonderful site. This is my 17th year to teach but only my second year to teach art. Your website has saved me several times. I have found several great lessons that you have shared with us. I will continue to use your site to help me find awesome lesson plans.


I just want to express my gratitude to you for your wonderful website. I’ve been here before due to a project my daughter & I was working on. You have so much to choose from & a fabulous lay-out. You seem to always have just exactly what we are looking for or need. Thank you so very much. I really do appreciate your website for all of your help. It really makes me happy to know that you are here and that your help is irreplaceable.
Mrs. Renee Taylor

What a wonderful and helpful site you have! I am an art teacher. I teach private art lessons in my studio after school to students K-12 and the information that I have found and used so far has been such a HUGE “gift.” I encourage you to continue…and want to say, “bravo!”…the site is not only easy to maneuver, but very pleasing to the eye.
Jessica Marvin

I am a student teacher in Mt. Iron, MN. I am teaching art education k-12 and I love your site!! I have found many great ideas and some that I can change even for the older students. Keep up the great work!

Miss Jamie Gecox

I have found this site to be great! I was told we make too much money for my 4 year old to go to preschool, so the ideas I find on this site make it easy for me to prepare him for school myself! I am now considering home-schooling him, and if I do, this site will continue to be a tremendous help.

Jennifer Walker

Oh my! What a fantastic site. I placed this site as one of my favorites. I can’t wait to come back and show my daughter.

Michelle Sanders

I am putting together some coloring pages for a children’s party and found your site via the excite@home search engine. I just wanted to say “thank you”! Your designs are detailed enough to make them fun and appealing, yet they are also simple enough for youngsters to feel a sense of accomplishment when they can admire their results. And the choices are so plentiful! Thanks again and keep up the good work!

Karen Randall

Thank you Andrea for getting back to me so quickly!!! I appreciate all of your hard work for myself and the website that you dispense to the public!!! Many wonderful ideas have been brought to my friends and myself and looking forward to using your website for the next 100 years!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Dear KinderArt
I’m been in child care for 6 years, I am now running my own family child care. I was looking for interesting things on the web that I could use for my children. I linked onto your web site and I love it. The help and ideas of lesson plans and art and crafts. I will use your site in the future and will also pass it on the others.

Amy Koch

Thank you! I’m attempting my first year of homeschooling with my very bright 3rd grade son. I can handle math and science with no problem, but was stressing out about art. You’ve saved me some worry lines. I’ll be using you site to guide my son’s art education this year.

Kristy Sugg


I just wanted to thank you for providing such a wonderful site. As someone who is working in the ECE field it is so nice to know that there are others out there who are willing to share their knowledge. Your free project ideas reassure me that there are people out there who are in this field for the children and not to profit from them. It’s a shame how little ECE professionals make and yet we are also expected to come up with so many of our own supplies. Your site is again a wonderful and useful tool and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it.

Sarah Taylor

I just had to let you know how wonderful this site is. Absolutely wonderful. I homeschool my child and the lessons are such a great blessing to just be able to print them from home and so much information – excellent site! I think it is the best I have found yet! Thanks to all who contribute and I hope that I will be able to one day myself.

WOW! I have been looking for a site like this for about two years now. I found when I searched on paper mache! I am so glad I found it. It is great. We a planning a Halloween Party for 4 year olds and have found lots of good ideas from your site. I will definitely pass your web address to my friends.

Thank you,
Elaine Sullivan

Dear KinderArt,

Thanks for the wonderful site. Has some great ideas for kids. I have a 2 year old and a 3 year old and we live in a remote area of New Zealand where there is no kindergarten so we just have a small playgroup with about 6 children in it. Your ideas are helping us teach our kids new skills.

Thank you once again from Macraes Flat, Otago, New Zealand

Dear KinderArt,

This is a great site—I’m glad I found it!! It is great to see other teachers’ ideas and be able to use them. I would definitely add this site to my list of great resources. Thanks and keep up the great work!!!!

Melissa Jordan

Dear KinderArt,

I typed art lessons on the net and that is how I discovered kinderart. Words cannot express the gratitude I feel for the information I have found at kinderart.

Thank you,
Valerie Deas

Dear KinderArt,

I went to college for recreational therapy, but have been out of the field due to health problems. Recently I started a job working w/ older adults with a wide variety of mental & physical disabilities. This site is just what I needed to give them fun things to do w/ little assistance. My clients take pride in being able to make things by themselves. I also told co-workers & my supervisor about this site. They are now using it also! What really is so wonderful is that the crafty ideas are so inexpensive. We’re a non-profit organization w/ limited resources. You’ve got our creative juices flowing…We’re also looking to utilize your drama section. Thank you so much! You are adding to their quality of life!

Angie Walls

Dear KinderArt,

Thank you, thank you, thank you!! As primary provider in a home daycare situation, your site has been invaluable to me! I’ve just discovered it a week ago, and have already used many of the ideas found on your pages! My kids (ages 3-6) love the activities, and I find them very easy to incorporate into my schedule. Sites like this make a job like mine much easier!

Carin Furgison

Dear KinderArt,

Already I am preparing for the new year and some of your ideas are great inspirations. Especially when we can incorporate the use of and artist and his or her history! Thanks for the help. After 30 years of teaching new avenues and approaches are like gold!!

Nan, The Art Lady


I´m Sandra, a peruvian teacher and I´m always happy to have news from you. The ideas are excellent and I talk with other teachers here to see the web.

Thanks again,
Sandra Morante

Dear KinderArt,

You have one of the best sites on the net today.

Danna Blount

Dear KinderArt,

It’s a cold, rainy, and windy day outside. My 4-year old son and I were about ready to jump out of our skins in boredom. Then I got on the net to find something for us to do. I found your coloring pages of dinosaurs. What a life saver. He’s playing with them right now (haven’t gotten to the coloring part yet).

Thanks. You’re a lifesaver.


Dear KinderArt,

I just wanted to let you know your hard work is paying off.I have pulled off some great things from your site. I will continue to use all of the great stuff!!! Thanks again.

Kelly Passmore

Dear KinderArt,

I just wanted to pass along my many thanks for this website. I had to remove my 4 year old daughter from the preschool that she loved due to our recent financial struggles. Through this website and others I have been able to provide my daughter with much needed fun and learning. Thank you so much!

Christine Knapp

Dear Kinderart,

I am a K-5 art educator in N.C and have recently discovered your website. I am also on your e-mail newsletter list. I just wanted to say thank you for all of the great ideas so far! I love visiting kinderart and have had great results from projects the students have created. Keep up the good work!

Stacey Mertz

This is the best site I have found so far. As an art teacher, I have used countless lessons for my students. Keep up the great work!


I really enjoy checking out your web page. It gives me new and refreshing ideas to use in my class and it goes cross curriculum which is also very helpful. Thank you!!

Teresa Enneking

I just want to thank you for Kinderart. I am so glad I found it, I teach kindergarten and first grade. I know I will be using many of the suggestions in my class room.

Thank you again,
Maxine Rudolph

Great site!! Wonderful art page and comments form others. If the rest of the pages are this good, it seems I have found a great resource. Thanks for a wonderful job!!

Vickie L. DuBose

Dear KinderArt,

I am an art student in England. I recently asked to run a series of ten workshops for children with learning disabilities, your web site has been really helpful. I think we’ll all have lots of fun!

Rachel Gray

Dear KinderArt,

I’m a mother of triplets and a homeroom parent at my kids’ school. As a homeroom parent, I handle the games, activities and parties held during the school year. I can’t tell you enough how wonderful your pages are. My kids enjoy them and so do the children at school. Thank you so much for a wonderful site and keep up the great work.

Sharon Savoy Williams

Thanks for this website! I have gotten so many great ideas for my lesson plans! It has taken a little stress out of trying to always think of something new. I just come to your site and get ideas!

Terri Taylor

I just wanted to thank you for this web site– it is wonderful.. full of great ideas and well organized. I am very impressed with your presentation and substantial information.

Thanks again,


Thank you for your comprehensive collection of activities for all ages.I have a 4 month old son and I can’t wait to begin doing these activities with him.I’ve also just started teaching Bible class for infants and this site is very helpful- one of my main resources. One of the best sites on the net.

Anna Keller

Dear KinderArt

I am teaching Kindergarten art this year after teaching high school for 22 years. I was concerned that I would run out of ideas. Your site is continually providing great new ideas to help me make it through the year. Thanks so much.

Jeanne Mease

Thank you for a very valuable resource. I have a class of 26 ,12 of whom are repeating only because they are too young to go to Gr.1. This is a new development in SA. I therefore need brand new ideas as I need to keep my class interested and motivated. I have given your address to many colleagues. Greetings from the bottom of Africa to you!

Robin Searle

I would like to thank you for the wonderful service you are providing for teachers. I spent hours going through the ideas and projects and making notes for later work with my students. It is great to be able to log on to your page and know that if you are looking for ideas for an art project, chances are, they will be there.

Thanks again.
Sinead Lawson

I’m a full time working parent and my 3 1/2 year old attends a small family daycare. He’s at an age where he loves keeping busy by doing crafts and my daycare provider appreciates any new ideas I can give her. I search for projects for them while on my lunch hour. This site has been a wonderful resource for us and I’ve passed it on to several other parents. Thank you for creating it for us!

Debra Hooper

I am a special education teacher (inpatient children) at a psychiatric hospital. I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful art history lesson plans.

Leslie Daniels


I am a Girl Scout leader in the Boston area and recently found your site and gave the above project [rock and wire mobile] a try and what fun we had! What a fantastic resource for those involved with children. I will explore and use your site many times in the future and will toot your horn whenever I can.

Thank you very much,
Laura C DiMambro

I just want to say thanks for having this site up. I have to re-do my unit plan at the eleventh hour and I could not find my Printing book.The lesson on Printing just saved me going to the library, which would have easily taken a couple of hours.


Dear Andrea,

Just a quick note to express my gratitude. I work with elementary school-aged children in the YMCA After School program. My co-workers and I are always looking for crafts to keep the kids involved. Thank you once again for your prompt assistance and for putting craft ideas out there for needy people like me.

Becky Mondorff

Congratulations! Your site has been selected as a Featured Link in the Family Education Network, named World’s Best Web Site for parents by FamilyPC magazine.

Becky Reynolds
FamilyEducation Company

Hi! My name is Amanda, I am the owner of One of my viewers passed your site on to me and I just wanted to let you know how wonderful it is! Great presentation and excellent content. It is always refreshing to see others who are trying to make the web experience a positive one for family, children and parents.

At our church on Good Friday we had a workshop for children of all ages and we used lots of ideas from Kinder Art. They worked really well. I also run a preschool church art club in our village and your ideas are a great help.

Many thanks from all at Thorney Abbey Vicarage England.

All I have to say is that my printer is a smokin’! This is a wonderful place for ideas and education for art (guess you know that.) I will be back often. You are in my favorites!!!!!

Jamye Whitehorn

I found out about you from an employee at Brooklyn Museum resource center.I am studying to be an elementary ed teacher. I am taking a “teaching creative arts” class and this has been very helpful for my lesson plans and activities.

Thank you so much!!

Christine Stewart

Thank you, Andrea, for all of the sites that you sent. I am very new to using the Internet but can already tell that I will enjoy this resource. Hope I can help someone else like you have helped me!

Linda J

Dear KinderArt,

I just wanted to say that your site is a God send. I’ve gotten so many wonderful ideas, I had to share too. Keep up the excellence.

Mary Breveleri

This is the BEST art website I have found, I really get excited with all the ideas I find in here. THANK YOU for making the art teacher’s life easier!

Ms. Monica Salazar

Dear KinderArt

I wanted to say THANK YOU for helping me out. I am planning to make snow globes for center pieces at my sons’s birthday parties but guess what I couldn’t find any instructions. I came across your site and wham! everything I needed is right here. I printed the instructions off and have bookmarked your site so I can refer to this often. Thank you so much for saving my sanity.!!!!!

Michelle Ossowski

Congratulations on an incredible job! I am currently in my final/certification year at the U of M, and can’t thank you enough for your many creative ideas. I enjoy visiting your site because it is so creative and well organized. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Yours Truly,
Alana Noseworthy


I was searching the homeschool site when I found you. Thank you for helping us to teach our child about art and how it applies to everyday living, wish you were there when I was growing up. I can’t wait to tell my friends who homeschool as well!

Teena Boomhower

My name is Debbie and I work for Americorps in Denver, Colorado. Our program is called Urban Education Corps. We work at two different school sin Denver and provide help to the teachers as an extra hand within the classroom and we run an after school art program as well as a tutoring program. I was just searching the web for ideas when I came across your web site and I was in heaven. I just wanted to write and tell you that I thought Kinderart is a wonderful idea.

Debbie Kornmesser


Thanks for all the great information on school gardens! It will be really helpful. You guys are such a great resource for art educators, I have recommended you to all my friends!

Brenda Gunderson

This is a wonderful site!! Thanks for all the great ideas! By sharing these, you are helping to shape the future! Thank you.

Andrea Villanueva
Teacher, St. Paul, MN

I would like to extend my sincerest thanks and gratitude for your very informative and educational newsletter. It’s been a big help to me because I sometimes ran out of ideas in arts and crafts. I have my own day care and finding your site is such a big help to me. Thank you very much and CONGRATULATIONS! Keep up the good work.

Anna Agustin

I’m an Art Teacher K-5 on Nantucket Island …. Any information and ideas shared is such a joy for me! Thanks for being there!

Karen Olszewski

Thank you for such a wonderful site. My daughter started kindergarten this week and needed to bring in a picture of something that started with the letter “B”. I went right to your site after putting “color pages” in my search engine ( I will be back a lot I am sure. Just wanted to let you know that your site was very well laid out and helpful.

Thank you,
Shelley Laman

I know you all get tired of hearing from me all the time, but I cannot tell you enough what a great place of inspiration you have been for me in my art teaching profession. Whenever I need a little help I turn to you and you have never failed me. You offer a great service for Art teachers and teachers alike. I thank you so much for your wonderful site and I hope you continue to provide great inspiration and knowledge for many years to come. In a time when Art is looked upon as a frill and unimportant, you are out there promoting the arts and showing that it is an important part of a child’s overall development. Thank you again, for your commitment to quality Art Education!

Judy Walsh

Dear Kinderart. com,

I was very excited when I found out about your web page. I can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed downloading your pages, they are not only informative but I feel the information about some of them was very interesting.
It seemed once I started I couldn’t stop! Keep up the good work as we all enjoy looking on a regular basis for what is new!

Thank you,

Just wanted to say how helpful I’ve found this site. It’s made being an interesting, fun art teacher much easier. I use some lessons almost verbatim and others give me great ideas that I alter and personalize for my specific classes. I love the way the ideas are organized and described. Thanks so much and my students thank you too.

Holly Maxwell